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Entry #1


2013-09-03 09:17:13 by Chrausner


Nah, that's not what this News Post is about. Time for the real deal:

I'll be damned, two months and my fire of ambition ignites back to life.

It's time to continue my persue as a digital musician, and portal defender, altho I'm going to focus on music much more instead of watching NG for submissions.

I feel that my isolation was mandatory for my exhausted flame to return back to life. Nonetheless, NG has proven itself to be quite a magnet - I couldn't escape, because, at the end of the day, I would return just like when I encountered this site two years back. I've too many memories on this site and made quite a few friends, and I can't abandon that. I'm not going to step a foot into the Forums, tho. I still remember the horrors.

I've not come back to statwhore; I've come back to improve on music. Life reached a point of no meaning to me today - I seem to be repeating my actions everyday've gotten sick of this!

But why at the moment just when school has resumed? EXACTLY BECAUSE OF SCHOOL. I've got personal projects to complete by the end of 10th Grade, and I'm hoping to create songs that can go along with whatever my project is about (which hopefully can give me a slight boost on my academic score).'s better to improve my own skill rather than wasting my hours on the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim when I clearly need to earn my damn MYP diploma in order to transfer to any school without significant difficulties. Skyrim can wait for later, and it had its time already.

Hopefully this time my flame won't die out like before. Talos preserve us all.

- Chrauz


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2014-03-02 11:51:59

Oh, that sucks. I was thinking about converting all of my videos into SWF files so you'd be able to see them (since you can't access YouTube) but I guess that won't really work seeing how a short 20 second test video would take forever to load.

Also, to correct my past comment, *your

And great song, by the way.

Chrausner responds:

I CAN get on YT, although the loading speed on YT isn't really...good when using VPN. (or maybe it's just my internet)

And thanks.


2014-03-02 10:09:20

Also nice new music! You are definately improving.
But I don't know anything about music, so wat do I kno?

Chrausner responds:

I'm Improving, but yet not good enough. My motto: gotta keep going. :P


2014-03-02 09:57:53

Random comment! :D

Chrausner responds:

Random reply!


2014-02-23 02:07:06

If you're computer doesn't load 3.9 Megabytes at a relatively fast speed, don't watch this.

Chrausner responds:

Yeah my internet isn't gonna be loading this anytime soon.


2014-02-22 10:53:17

Hello, remember me? I'll post up a new song soon, so I'm not completely silent, haha!

Chrausner responds:

Yeah I remember you. Nice, I'll be looking forward to that.


2013-12-23 11:22:25

You can steal my HTML5 game if you want to get a good grade for something

I got like a 9/10 with it. I still have the files.

Chrausner responds:

Nah, I don't do such cheating, especially in these few crucial years.


2013-12-17 09:28:30


Chrausner responds:



2013-10-25 15:17:16


Chrausner responds:

fu m8


2013-10-11 13:34:21

looking forward to it make me proud fgt

Chrausner responds:

kk fgt


2013-10-04 11:18:27

Oh boy...I know how that feelin' man.
...I'm not late to the party, am I?

Chrausner responds:

Not even late!


2013-09-27 14:07:34

I could've sworn they had their own video player. That kind of sucks.
Also, Toon Link was announced. Thoughts?

Chrausner responds:

Great, one of my most favorite characters is, again, in the game. I just kinda wished that they would equip him with the blue Mirror shield instead of the dull Hero's shield.


2013-09-17 14:31:55

Just go to There's been some pretty awesome stuff revealed on it already.

Chrausner responds:

Goddamn it, the videos provided there are all linked to YT.


2013-09-17 00:18:06

So, what are your thoughts on the new Smash Brothers?

Chrausner responds:

I honestly haven't heard about the new one yet.


2013-09-14 00:14:48

I cannot even imagine what I missed.

Chrausner responds:



2013-09-07 14:42:49

It's alive!!! now kill it with FIRE hehehehe

Chrausner responds:

Fire feeds my life


2013-09-06 11:03:47

more musiiiic ! And you'll get more awards. And maybe some new fans !

Chrausner responds:

Oh yes indeed


2013-09-04 12:52:04

Don't worry, you're not that far behind me in stats. You can probably catch up if you work at it.
Also, the reason why there's only a few UJ submissions is because of this:

Chrausner responds:

I suppose, altho B/P is the least of my concern.

And finally, Tom did something about the UJ epidemic.


2013-09-03 14:37:41

I agree with the sentiments of both the previous posts. Fantastic to see you back and motivated.

Chrausner responds:

Thanks. I noticed a lack of UJ submissions. I must've missed some phases on NG.


2013-09-03 13:19:13

Nice to see you're back.

Chrausner responds:

Tnx. By the gods, you're Colonel already and I'm still sitting at Captain. Two months of absense is a bit too expensive.


2013-09-03 11:34:52

Excellent. I'll be looking forward to your activities...

Chrausner responds:

Yes, you'll certainly be looking forward...